Tintoretto Included

„Translation of Time XVII“ is the most recent of Dybsky’s series of projects on the subject of the “Translation of Time” (the series are numbered from I to XVII so far). For all their differences, and as the shared title indicates, these series are all part of Dybsky’s ongoing exploration of painting techniques that can be used to visualize and transmit the spatiotemporal transformations of matter continue »
192 pages, ca. 220 plates, hard cover
English, Russian, German
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, KerberVerlag
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Dialogues with Giotto / Evgeni Dybsky

The works I have been making since 2003 maybe termed "historical".
At first, they were attempts to introduce my habitual, artificially-aged structures into new spaces. Later I began a series of works based on photographs of fragments of classical works in the Pushkin Museum.
In 2005, while on my way to Venice... continue reading »